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Abbie Williams

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Horses are an integral part of my historical romance series – plus I just plain love them. Special thanks to my photographer friend, Lulu Walker, for taking this great pic!

I absolutely love what I do, which is tell stories. A lifelong writer, I publish fiction with a very cool small press called Central Avenue. Together we have embarked on an amazing journey to make books. I live in Minnesota, where my love of nature continuously inspires my writing and where I never fail to appreciate the changing seasons, from sweltering summer to the long, cold winters that allow me lovely amounts of extra writing time. I write constantly and am a fan of supporting local writers, publishers, and booksellers.

Writing is my passion.

Currently I have two ongoing series published – the first is the Shore Leave Café series, a contemporary romance saga following one incredible family of women, and the second is the Dove series, meticulously-researched period fiction set in the dangerous, turbulent years after the American Civil War. Follow former prostitute Lorie Blake in her incredible journey to find redemption.


Family curses? Cheating husbands? Tragedy? Single motherhood? The Davis women have faced all this, and more, but their collective strength and love pulls them through every time – and is the main reason I love writing this ongoing saga about three generations of women from the small north woods town of Landon, Minnesota. Follow the smart, sassy Davis women through their joys and sorrows as they attempt to overcome the curse on their family and find true love. They run the Shore Leave Café on the banks of Flickertail Lake – dive on in. You’ll meet a cast of quirky small town characters and some seriously smokin’ hot men who know how to take care of their women – if they dare to chance the Davis family curse!

Download a chapter of book one – Chapter One Summer at the Shore Leave Café



My well-researched and lusty historical romance series begins with Heart of a Dove, an award-winning novel published in 2014, which follows the journey of a former prostitute named Lorie Blake. Set during the Reconstruction Era, Heart of a Dove is both a gritty adventure and a poignant love story, laced with tragedy, danger, humor and sorrow, and the ultimate triumph of one’s own spirit. Heart of a Dove is followed by Soul of a Crow, coming this June (2016), and Grace of a Hawk, coming next spring (2017).

Download an excerpt – Heart of a Dove excerpt

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